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Preferred Client Care®

Redgrave & Rosenthal views estate planning as a lifelong process. One that you need to work at and tend to day in and day out as your life and the laws change. With that in mind, our firm offers its Preferred Client Care® program to ensure that each client’s estate plan is in accord with current laws and is aligned with personal and family goals.

Client service is paramount to our firm. We recognize our clients’ individual needs and work diligently to meet those needs and surpass all expectations. As our firm has grown over the years, a common thread has become very clear. Not only do clients want superior service, they want the security of knowing that their estate plans are up to date with the changing legal environment and family circumstances, ensuring that they leave the legacy that is desired for their loved ones.

We thoughtfully and carefully developed Preferred Client Care®, a formal client maintenance program, to give clients the security of knowing our professionals are watching over the intricacies of their estate plans 365 days a year. Members receive priority callback, complimentary changes to estate plan documents upon request, initial and continuous funding of assets, an annual family care meeting and much more. A person’s estate plan must be carefully monitored now more than ever to ensure that it will work properly when it is needed. This is where our firm has answered the call for peace of mind.

To learn more about our Preferred Client Care® program, please contact us via email or by phone at (561) 347-1700.

Preferred Business Care®

Redgrave & Rosenthal launched its Preferred Business Care® Program, a proactive business client maintenance program, for clients who have integrated one or more entities as part of their estate and/or business plan. This program offers the assurance that our clients, their family members and their assets are protected.

The Preferred Business Care® Program is a formal safeguarding program designed to alleviate the time consuming, but critical, back-office paperwork that having an entity demands. A formally filed entity is required to do many things, including retaining a detailed records of its activities as well as regularly filing reports with the Department of State. Additionally all entity governing documents need to kept current, in compliance with all applicable laws, and all of its assets properly titled.

The Preferred Business Care® Program provides an innovative, convenient, and cost-effective way to ensure our client’s entity is protected, always in compliance with the ever-changing tax and liability laws and the intended purposes for its implementation are preserved. To learn more about this program, please contact our office via email or by phone at 561 347-1700.

Preferred Elder Care®

Many clients come to us concerned about the rising costs of long term care. How will they afford long term care whether it be in the comfort of their home or in a nursing home? Will they outlive their retirement savings? What can be done now to allow them to have more control and comfort in the future?

As a response to their concerns, our firm launched Preferred Elder Care®, a client relationship program, to offer unlimited in-person and telephone consultations with a skilled elder law attorney as well as the preparation of sophisticated elder law planning documents that focus on a clients’ aging and disability needs. These documents’ goals are to ensure that clients long term wishes are protected and public benefits eligibility is maximized. Additionally, clients will receive advice in identifying federal programs and government benefits which may provide assistance with aging such as Medicaid, Veterans Affairs benefits and Medicare. Preferred Elder Care® also encompasses in home document execution and biannual review of your elder law strategy. The distinguishing feature of this program is its fixed fee structure: one fee, one time a year for the life of the membership.

To learn more about our Preferred Elder Care® program, please contact our office via email at or by phone at (561) 347-1700.

Preferred Trust Care®

Serving as a Trustee or a Successor Trustee of a Trust is an important role with a multitude of responsibilities. The specific duties of a Trustee are defined and governed by the Trust instrument itself as well as Florida law. Particular care should be therefore taken to determine what specific duties are assigned to the Trustee and what specific actions he or she must perform and when. Aside from those duties outlined in the Trust document, Florida law imposes obligations on a Trustee. A Trustee must act with fairness and impartiality and has a duty to keep beneficiaries well informed. All beneficiaries’ individual interests in the Trust must be protected with the same degree of care. A Trustee must keep beneficiaries informed about how the Trust is being administered and the assets comprising the Trust. A Trustee must also make Trust property productive – assets must produce income and then preserved. In the event a Trustee breaches a duty or improperly exercises a power, a beneficiary may bring an action against him. It is of utmost importance that a Trustee wholly understands and appreciates his or her role and responsibilities.

Redgrave & Rosenthal created Preferred Trust Care® after recognizing the heavy burden placed on clients who agree to serve as Trustee for a loved one. Our program’s intent is to guide the member through each responsibility as Trustee throughout the life of the Trust. Each member receives more than a dozen benefits including: a comprehensive review and interpretation of the Trust Agreement; instructions and supervision concerning the collection of assets; preparation of documents permitting acceptance as Trustee; as well as the filing of the notice of Trusteeship with the IRS and obtaining of a tax id number.

If you would like additional information about our Preferred Trust Care® program, please contact our office via email at or by phone at (561) 347-1700.


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