Elder Law

Aided by a team of dedicated paralegals, our Elder Law Group addresses the difficult issues confronting our loved ones and elders. They believe in a holistic approach and provide compassionate, caring service that caters to our clients and their families. Our experienced attorneys and skilled paralegals have extensive experience working with Geriatric Care Managers, Trust Officers, Accountants, Professional Guardians and, of course, family members.

Guardianships and Disability Planning

As we age, many begin to suffer from cognitive impairment, which can result in the need for guardianships for our loved ones if not planned for in advance with estate planning techniques. While many individuals might rather avoid these difficult issues for fear of burdening their children or relinquishing independence, the Elder Law Group provides the comprehensive, compassionate planning that becomes so necessary. We help clients maintain control of their property while they are alive yet still plan for contingent circumstances and incapacity.

Long-term care

An integral part of planning for our later years includes long-term care planning, long-term care insurance and asset protection. The Elder Law Group will review the long-term care payment options, whether at home, in assisted living or a skilled nursing facility. If our clients have existing insurance, we can review that policy and explain what the benefits actually cover and under what conditions, or if our clients are considering the purchase of long term care insurance, we can review the policy prior to purchase so that our clients may make an informed decision.

Asset Protection/Medicaid Planning

Disability does not discriminate based on age. Many of our clients have family members who are disabled. Asset protection and planning is crucial for these individuals so that government benefits are not forfeited in the event of inheritance or legal settlements. The Elder Law Group can provide advice regarding Special Needs Trusts and Third Party Supplemental Needs Trusts for the benefit of your loved ones.

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